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Review: Kirin Chu-Hai Lemon STRONG

Review: Kirin Chu-Hai (Chu-Hi) Lemon Strong Purchased: February 2012 Review: February 2012 Chu-Hai is Japanese shochu, a distilled alcohol made of barley, sweet potatoes, or rice (usually the latter two), made into a highball or cocktail with carbonated water and … Continue reading


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Review: Oreo Soft Cookies Ice Flavor Lemon

Review: Oreo Soft Cookies Ice Flavor Lemon Purchased: November 2011 Best Before: February 14, 2012 Review: December 2012 I was on an insane quest for Pumpkin Cheesecake-flavoured Kit Kats, which were released in early October 2011 in Japan, in celebration … Continue reading

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