Review: Kit Kat Adult Dark Chocolate Bar

Review: Kit Kat Adult Dark Chocolate Bar
Purchased: 2010
Best Before: August 2011
Review: September 2011

Adult Dark Chocolate Kit Kats were everywhere during my 2010 trips to Japan, in both the standard 4-fingers version, and also in the chunky, bar version. I’ve honestly eaten more than my fair share of the ‘fingers’ versions, so when it came time to review this flavour I figured I’d give the bar format a whirl. Let’s see how it goes!

Packaging: The Kit Kat Adult Dark really does have some pretty ‘sophisticated’ packaging, with about the smallest Kit Kat logo on the packaging I’ve ever seen. It communicates the ‘maturity’ of the product I guess, but it is incredible vague as to what, exactly, is going on with the bar. There is a sort of a crumble of something on the right hand side, but other than a piece of the bar zooming through space it’s a little vague. Attractive, but much more effective at communicating intent than communicating what it’s actually supposed to taste like.

Scent:  The scent of this bar isn’t particularly big or bold, but it is pleasant. It smells like a reasonably rich dark chocolate.

Taste: The visual appeal of the Adult Dark Chocolate Bar is actually a little strange, as the bar is actually a sort of dull, matte texture and appearance. It’s a bit like the chocolate hasn’t been tempered maybe? It’s certainly not as attractive as many (all?) of the other Kit Kats.

The taste, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Usually I find the mix of the bars to be ‘off’, a bad balance between the chocolate (or ‘chocolatey’ coating) and the wafer and cookie interiors. But for some reason this actually manages to work out on this particular bar. There’s a ton of wafer in this one–five layers by my count, with chocolate cream between each of them. The crunchy wafers add additional taste and texture, and the chocolate is considerably more dark than standard Kit Kats. As I’ve mentioned, its certainly not the nicest dark chocolate you’re likely to have, but it’s much less sweet than the standard and the mix of thick chocolate coating with the really big wafer crunch is excellent.

Verdict: I liked, but didn’t love, the regular Adult Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. I think this is a considerable improvement over the regular, and if you want to give it a try, see if you can find the bar version on this one.

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