Review: Cheeza 52% Cheddar

Cheeza 52% Cheddar (Crackers)
Review: February 2012
Best Before: June 2012

As you might remember I reviewed the absolutely amazing CHEEZA Camembert flavoured crackers a while back and my effusive praise for just how delicious they are made many of you quite annoyed at me that they aren’t available here in North America. Well, guess what? There are two more flavours! Get ready for reviews of Cheeza 51% Smoked Cheese, and today’s review of Cheeza 52% Cheddar!

Packaging: Much like the others in the line, this does everything like. CHEEZA in big letters visable across the store and that 51% promise big cheese flavour. Attractive photos of cheddar cheese, and the crackers themselves, shiny package, resealable bag! It has a flat bottom AND a peg hold on top! Everything about it is just perfect packaging.

Smell: Intense, and unlike the previous Cheeza it smells a little bit more processed than I expected. The Camembert  has a really authentic taste and smell, and considering that both of these crackers are made of like 50+ percent actual cheese I was a little surprised. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

Taste: Again, it’s just not as good as the camembert. You know it’s not terrible, I already feel like I’ve said too much I guess, it’s just that I was a little let down because the camembert had such a big flavour, and was so tangy and cheesy and sharp, it was kind of awesome. With these being ‘sharp cheddar’ I was a little let down that there wasn’t… more… too them. Still though, they were cheesier than any north American cheese cracker I’ve tried. Crispy crackers, solid cheese taste, and just enough in a package to enjoy as long as you aren’t sharing with someone, good stuff! But…

Verdict: …I’d buy the Camembert next time. But if it weren’t available, this would be a delightful accompaniment to my evening’s beverage.


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