Review: Kit Kat Adult Passion Fruit


Review: Kit Kat Adult Passion Fruit
Gifted: July 2013
Best Before: March 2014
Review: September 2013

I am lucky enough to travel to Japan fairly frequently, but despite that I still feel like I’m always missing some of the cool and exciting limited time flavours that are released to the Japanese market. It’s even more difficult in summer, when it becomes treacherous to ship chocolate and certain types of candy internationally without it melting along the way. This year, I was very fortunate to receive a gift of Passion Fruit Kit Kat from friends travelling from Japan to San Diego Comic Con, and so I got a little treasure-trove of cool, limited edition flavours! I’ll share them over the next few weeks, now that the site is updating more regularly. Thanks Aki, for bringing me such cool stuff!

So, first up, Passion Fruit Kit Kat! A flavour I was THRILLED to hear about, and even happier to get a chance to try for myself.


Packaging: I gotta say, this is a bit of a let-down from some of the other Kit Kat I’ve purchased. I mean, sure, bright yellow package and big pictures of fruit, but aside from the colour the design looks unfinished, way too many elements (fruits, bar, logos, text, cookie bits, etc.) and not put together. I mean, it’s bright yellow Kit Kat, that’s cool! But it’s a little thrown-together. The interior packaging isn’t any better, the small bars have no photographs (or English) anywhere on them. The area on the back to write messges is glossy instead of matte, making it tougher to write. Just a little disappointing overall.

Scent and Taste: These things smell AMAZING! The scent is very bright and strong passion fruit flavour! It’s so neat, and immediately impresses at the same level as the buttery, syrupy pancake Kit Kats, one of my favourites. There’s none of that telltale white-chocolate Kit Kat smell, none that I can detect anyway.

As for the taste, it’s really… inconsistent? Some bits end up with a strong, slightly acidic passion fruit flavour with that same citric acid burn that the best Kit Kats feature. But other times, the white chocolate coating dulls the overall impact, as it seems most of the passion fruit flavour is sandwiched between the wafers, and the chocolately coating is kinda… meh. It’s weird, every other bite, depending on where the wafter lands on your tongue, is either bright and sharp and tasty, or just sort of there. I think part of the problem might be the crumbled up biscuits that are also included, as they are in ALL “Adult Kit Kats”, which are essentially flavourless and just there for extra crunch. These are crunchy, and the texture is nice and cookie-like because of it, but it doesn’t do the flavour and favours.

Verdict: All in all, I think this is a successful Kit Kat flavour, and an interesting addition to the pantheon of great Kit Kat tastes. It’s just a shame that, seemingly for a market strategy, they’ve dulled the flavour considerably (passion fruit has a BIG natural flavour). The Adult Raspberry Kit Kat was bright and great, and though hobbled by the Adult problems (crunchiness, extra cookies) it was still stunningly successful.

These are definitely worth trying, if you can find them, but they aren’t quite a home run.

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