News: Upcoming Chu-Hai limited edition flavours

If you head to the Kirin Chuhai website, you can check out these awesome upcoming chu-hai flavours! I’m really looking forward to trying as many as I can on my upcoming trip!


Kirin Dry Lime! Released September 3rd.


Kirin Litchi! Release September 17th.


Kirin Frozen Citron! Apparently fresh-frozen yuzu juice is used. Released October 15th. Press Release.


Kirin Apple Nouveau! Apparently fresh-frozen apple juice is used, from the Fukushima area of Japan. Released November 5th. Press Release.

0731b_03_sKirin Pear! Made with fresh-frozen pear juice from the Fukushima area of Japan! Released November 5th. Press release.

I think it’s very cool that they’re going out of their way to promote the economic recovery of the Tohoku region with these flavours. I hope people support them!

– Chris


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