Review: Kit Kat Sparkling Strawberry

Review: Kit Kat Sparkling Strawberry
Purchased: October 2009
Best Before: October 2010
Review: September 2011

So, yeah, this is one of the older Kit Kats in my ‘collection.’ Still, when I broke this baby out at the taste-test a month back, it got an incredibly strong response from everyone there! Positive? Negative? Keep reading to find out!

Packaging: SPARKLING STRAWBERRY! Mixing the red-and-pink colour scheme designed to attract the all-important female snacker demographic with large photographs of ripe strawberries and a bubbly effervesence, this packagine effectively communicates what’s on the inside–even if you’re not entirely sure what that’s going to mean when you finally taste it.

Again, this is a product intended for the domestic market as the lack of English was something of a hurdle, but at least it’s one that I’m slowly overcoming…!

Scent: Imagine the strongest-smelling, sweetest strawberry candy flavour you can–like a Strawberry Pocky or a strawberry candy from Chinatown somewhere, and then crank it up a notch. The overwhelming scent of artificial strawberry fills the room as soon as you open the package and, even years past its best before date it smells incredibly intense. It’s great stuff!

Taste: Now the thing about Sparkling Strawberry that’s a little different than regular strawberry, is that something’s been added to the candy bar that gives it a bubbly, effervescent effect. It’s a bit like pop rocks, but not.quite. It’s less explosive, and more like… well it’s like your taste buds are being tickled by some magical candy fairy.

And then you mix that with the most intense Strawberry flavour of all time!

An almost painfully intense and sweet flavour hits your tongue as you bite down into each wonderful finger of this Kit Kat bar, and as the bits of chocolate melt you get that bubbly greatness. The intensity is almost citric, the way it burns. But it burns soooo good. It’s bright and intense and sweet and strawberry and there’s bubbles and and and. Wow. Wow.

Verdict: I know it’s going to be too much for some people, I get that. But for me it’s basically one of the best and most unique Kit Kats I’ve ever tried! I can’t remember if I ever tried it back when it was fresh, but I can say that I do love it now… or at least I did. I just finished my last one for this review. Que sera, sera.

Anyway, if some other Kit Kat freak has got Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kats hidden away somewhere, do your best to get on their good side to get a chance at trying them out!

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