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Head over to and be amazed.

I came across this while reviewing Aero Green Tea this week, and was a little awestruck. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, I’m not terribly interested in “Japan is so weird!” type postings, but it seems since my last visit they’ve switched the marketing on Aero chocolate bars to… a health food. Seriously. The word “Aerocize” is on the front page and apparently a fat dude is going town to town, doing a stage show, exercising in the name of Aero. There is a Youtube video, which I include here:

Chunky Japanese dude promoting exercise through Aero bars while they dance to a high-energy dance remix of “I’m Popeye The Sailor Man” is the weirdest promotion for a candy bar, ever. Even weirder than Satan being the final arbitor of the Caramilk Secret. I can tell you I didn’t feel particularly healthful after having eaten 3 or 4 of these for the review, but at the very least it’s a delicious snack. :)

If you click around the website you can see that Aero is only 27 calories and Aero is delicious and there are more videos of this chunky dude exercising and eating Aero. It is truly remarkable, and I welcome anyone with any further light to shed on the Aerocizing Phenomenon to post about it in the comments.

– Chris

– Chris

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