Best of the Web: on Kaiten Sushi

The most famous Japanese culture blogger in the world? His name is Danny Choo, and his (see also: is a vast repository of info on both the everyday and hyper-geeky side of Japanese culture. An admitted otaku, his interests tend to run towards cute girl images and action figures, expensive cameras, and food.

This recent post on Japanese “Conveyor Belt” sushi, or Kaiten Sushi, is a great primer on kaiten sushi restaurants. It even includes a video, and some wonderful photos as seen above. You can find the post at

That whole site is a great repository of info and worth poking around, but can go straight from “0 to NSFW” in 1 click, so I’ll probably continue to link individual articles of note rather than the whole site. Enjoy!

– Christopher Butcher

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