Review: Annin Dofu Kit Kat


Review: Annin Dofu Fumi Kit Kat
Best Before: September 2012
Review: September 2013

I first had Annin Dofu at my favourite downtown Toronto Chinese restaurant, it’s a favourite of some of my friends but I had never had the dessert before. It’s a sweetened soft tofu, served in liquid, and flavoured with almond. It tastes a little like marzipan, and it has a lovely texture. The Kit Kat version of this dessert is a Yokohama Edition, owing to Japan’s most famous Chinatown being in Yokohama, a port city about 30-45 minutes south of Tokyo.

Of course, I grabbed my package at the airport, where they generally have all number of Kit Kat’s from across Japan. J

Packaging: While this is available in a couple of different formats, I got the “Omiyage” pack which has 12 individually wrapped packs of two bars in a beautifully decorated box. The box features lots of English and Japanese, though sadly the extended story of these chocolate bars is Japanese only. I wish I felt like bothering my Japanese-reading friends enough to figure out if there’s anything special or profound about this text… Ah well. The individual bars feature a picture of the dessert, but no English.


Scent and taste: It’s got a lovely scent, very like marzipan, maybe a ‘sweet’ marzipan. Since this is one of the white chocolate bars, there’s no scent of chocolate, and not really even the tell-tale white chocolate Kit Kat smell. It’s actually really nice!

As for the taste, they absolutely NAILED the flavour of Annin Dofu, in both taste and intensity. Usually Kit Kats are a little weaker, flavour-wise, than the original foods that they’re homaging. In this case, the flavour is all right there, bright, and strong. There’s a hint of… maraschino cherry as well? I’m not sure.

Verdict: If you’re a fan of either marzipan or the original dish, Annin Dofu, then you’re going to love these. Buy the big pack and bring them back for your friends, so they can get as much of a kick out of them as I did.

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