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Review: McLobster

…don’t get me wrong, I have tried more weird McDonald’s sandwiches than literally anyone I’ve met, thanks mostly to the good folks of McDonald’s Japan and their regional and seasonal delicacies (try the Tsukehime Burger!). But yeah, that most ‘Canadian’ of burgers, from the heart of Atlantic Canada, has been beyond my reach… until today! So, good readers, I hope you won’t mind this slight detour from exclusively Japanese snacking into the wider world of Oyatsu! Continue reading


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News: McDonalds announces three limited edition “Quarter Pounder Jewelery” burgers

McDonalds Japan has announced that they will be releasing three new, one-day-only, “Quarter Pounder Jewelery” burgers Saturdays in July. So-called because of their luxurious nature and rare ingredients, the burgers will be available at participating locations across the country. Japan … Continue reading

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